About Us

Melissa Rickards has been teaching dance for over 30 years, starting out with Karratha School of Dance  before moving to the Midwest and starting West Coast Dance.


West Coast Dance run classes in Geraldton and Dongara.


Melissa strives to provide students with modern music and fun and challenging choreography in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro and Tap.  Her main focus is FUN and building CONFIDENCE in your child.


Students are encouraged to perform to their best and we pride ourselves on being a family friendly school with students having a good time and making lasting friendships.

First Time Parents

Your child dances around at home, loves music and the only natural thing to do is to enrol them into dance....you drop your child off at the door and we ask you to leave, you panic. What if they dont like it? What if they need to go to the toilet or tie their shoelace? Don't worry we got this.


After the class we send out this very enthused child who sometimes will show you what they have learnt and others wont, throughout the year we see the progress of your child, we watch their confidence and ability grow along with their smiles, they start to get the moves and learn how to listen to the music and put movements with it.


It comes to the time of the concert week, first we have technical rehearsals then dress rehearsals, you wonder why we need all these rehearsals? While it is important for the QPT staff to get the show right it is just as important to make the kids feel comfortable at the theatre, it is a daunting experience standing on a big stage with bright lights when your only a couple of feet tall. The big day arrives you've got a little excited jelly bean on your hands you once again drop them off and walk away, its ok we got this.


Your sitting in the crowd the curtain comes up and your little star is standing on their spot under the big lights with a grin from ear to ear, the music starts and your amazed at your child to the point where we can probably guarantee that you will shed a tear or two. They run off the stage race up stairs to change into their next costume, the excitement is overflowing. The show comes to an end they are exhausted but so very happy they will be asleep in the car before you know it, clutching their medal covered in glitter ready to do it all again the next year.

Welcome to the West Coast Dance family....We love having you and your child as part of it :)

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